More information on Eliason suicide case–the LDS have their “lost boys” too

And what does this have to do with polygamy you may ask–well, in the LDS church if a young man is deemed unworthy to go on a mission, then he is denied that great rite to passage in Mormon manhood and the elevated status of being a “returned missionary” of which young Mormon girls aspire to marry, etc. etc. and on down the line to the celestial kingdom where he’ll have many wives. . .

My inquiry re Eugene Eliason’s law suit regarding his son’s suicide.  He won against the therapist but nearly bankrupted himself attempting to sue the Mormon church.  I received the following information today:

“It appears that Mr. Eliason won the lawsuit against the boy’s therapist: “In the 1980s, LDS Psychiatrist Cantril Nielsen found himself caught between his conflicting religious and professional oaths. Nielsen paid a sizable wrongful death m…alpractice settlement in the masturbation-shame suicide of 16-year-old Kip Eliason. The lawsuit alleged that Nielsen violated professional standards of psychiatric care by  prescribing that his patient should follow his Mormon bishop’s advice to abstain from masturbation in order to be “worthy,” rather than basing treatment on empirical medical evidence required by medical ethics. Medical experts in the case verified the empirical evidence that masturbation is not only harmless, but that masturbation abstinence has a documented history of suicidal risk(Eliason, 1983; Steckel, 1917/1953).”
The rate of suicide among young men in Utah aged 15-24 is staggering.  The State has introduced programs in schools to try to curb this trend.  What about programs in a church where teen boys must undergo personal interviews with their bishops and answer invasive personal questions to measure their “worthiness”?
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