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Winston Blackmore just doesn’t get it. He does not have to “deny” his faith. He just has to stop breaking the law. This is not a “religious” fight, it is a legal one with human rights implications. The sooner he has to sit in a jail cell, the better. This ruling has been a long time coming. Canada has said no to polygamy once and for all. NM Legal polygamy battle not over yet

My sincere thanks to Special Prosecutor Peter Wilson for this! NM



The following is the most succinct, precise definition of a cult and the repercussions of leaving cult life, I have ever read.  I am a member of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) and applaud the work they do around the world.  Most of my blogging information comes from Info-Secte, an…

Fawn Brodie’s book No Man Knows My History: The Story of Joseph Smith was censored by the LDS as a book of lies about the founder of Mormonism.  Emma Smith was so incensed over her husband’s philandering, she took her children and moved across the street in Nauvoo, Il.  That’s…


Daphne Bramham and the Vancouver Sun has been second to none in their research on the origins of Bountiful.  And the redacted list of underaged girls trafficked for sex by the FLDS was sent to me by a social worker working on the case in Texas when they put Jeffs…

You’ll have to get a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or Postum to digest this article.  Excellent research; and, of course, I want to buy the book.    Although, this material is from diaries of long ago, the diaries of today’s polygamous wives read the same as illustrated in Keep…

I received a faxed copy of this article today.  When I went to the Creston Valley Advance to find the article, strangely it was deleted from the paper’s archives.  BUT it is out there all over the internet!  HOORAY!  HURRAH!!  It looks like the young people will be able to say…

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