Would Carol Christie get more attention if she were a pig?

Hi Nancy:

Lately, I’m wondering if I would do better in terms of public reaction and outrage if I were a pig.

Mind you, I HAVE had pretty decent media coverage, and I’m not knocking the efforts of the journalistic types.  It just seems to me there’s something wrong with human nature when the CTV W5 piece aired last Saturday on abuse of pigs is receiving more attention and comment than any other of their stories in recent years.

There were followup pieces on the news over the weekend and again last night.  Compare this to the delayed reaction following the Polygamy piece.  One concludes that the public gets far more riled up about allegedly abused piggies than long-exploited people.

On another front, the meeting and interview with Childrens’ Aid last Thursday went pretty well, notwithstanding some double-speak from them depending on the person you’re talking to. One says they’re interested in not only underage children currently involved, but also those who have become adults, including those left within and those who have escaped.  Someone else will then say they’re focussing on those still under-age.

And….that’s life as we currently see it.

Carol Christie

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