What’s up with Willie Jessop?

Dear Readers,

As you well know, Willie Jessop, the media poster boy for all things YFZ FLDS in Texas, is not one of my favorite characters.  How could he as Warren Jeffs body guard not know what Jeffs was up to and then claim he didn’t when the trial was over?  DUH!!

There was a warrant out for WJ’s arrest but he had scurried off to Switzerland.  Now a very trusted source fills me in on what’s up with Willie:

“Willie posted $15000 cashbail, thereby avoiding arrest. The warrant has been served on him and he has two orders to show cause of contempt that he will need to appear on on Nov.23rd. I get the impression that the judge isn’t very happy with his failure to appear twice before his court. In the words of the judge “…I don’t take well to people not showing up, especially not showing up twice. I’d want him [Willie Jessop] come and give me some kind of explanation as to why his attendance is optional and everybody else’s is mandatory.” “


Well, knowing how these people think they are of God and above the law, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that WJ was once again a no show–although I could be proven wrong, we’ll see on the 23rd.

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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