Warning! Stop bullying me with your nasty emails!

Dear Readers,

Now that The Reference is in the hands of Chief Justice Robert Bauman, I wish to make this statement.  All comments on this blog are emailed to me before they are posted.  I have trashed so many in the last two weeks that amount to only one thing–CYBER BULLYING

Over the course of The Reference, there have been those who have chosen to attack me personally.  One “woman” wrote essay after essay comparing this campaign and me to Nazism and Hitler!  I trashed all her comments.  Finally she stopped.

There are other sites that support your points of view.  Please post your comments on them.

This blog is specifically designed to campaign to stop the practice of polygamy in Canada, to give voice to those who have escaped polygamy, and to educate the public on the great harms of polygamy to its victims and society at large.

Rest assured that if I receive anymore emails that personally attack and bully me, I will not hesitate to call in the RCMP There is nothing on either of my computers that I have to hide, nothing at all.  

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

  1. Nancy Mereska, President
    Stop Polygamy in Canada

    I would like to thank you for setting up this very useful service to all those interested in hearing about this issue.
    I am appalled that anyone would try to bully, harass, or intimidate anyone exercising their right to freedom of speech in Canada, and in particular providing readers with many informative and thoughtful articles and reports on the Anti-polygamy trial in B.C., and information from elsewhere.
    This has been meant a great deal of work and time on your part, and I do appreciate your contribution, particularly as Canada’s women’s groups have not been informing/educating us, and many of the media representatives present an incredibly supportive or lackadaisical approach to this threat to Canadian society, and especially to women and children.
    What kind of a world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?
    Thank you,

    Pat Mosley Bowie,

  2. I am glad you are doing the job you are doing, this is a very important time for women, we are loosing ground all over the world . I met a man, his name is Mohamed, he was mad at me when i said that i was against polygamy, all the conservative Muslim will be so happy to be able to keep the 4 slaves hidden under the Burke. Please, help women by not allowing it in Canada. Please.

  3. There always seems to be nasty “flies” in the healing ointment hmm? The Internet has lots of them. You keep up the good work Nancy and keep deleting the bully-emails. Letting them know they can be charged or these illegal acts of bullying is a good idea!! The RCMP has a huge staff to weed out and charge people that do this kind of thing; the bullies can no longer HIDE!! It is called “an electronic-trail” on your computer.
    Good for you girl! and thanks for sharing! Be good to you ok?

  4. The obvious spotlight on polygamy that loves to live in the shadows, within a cave or secreted away in a lonely valley is due to all the consequences of beint pulled out into the full light of day. The limited educations, misogynistic ownership of women, the uninformed choices, violating the ‘age of consent’, exploitive sex trafficking across borders, coerced parental control and self-imposed exile away from the greater society, all to achieve the polygamy ideale. Polygamy is just the altar of sacrafice but the loss of freedoms, rights, self determination and endless outlaw activities does rival Nazism and Hitler’s Third Reich.

    Look to Chief Justice Bauman’s ruling to discern who’s values are validated and affirmed. The big lies of polygamy’s value and worth will once again be demonstrated to be inferior to monogamy and not the majority view by informed choice.

  5. While I support the removal of abuse from any marriage – whether polygamous or monogamous – I do find it worrying, as a member of a healthy polygamous family, that the title of polygamy is being applied purely with the stigma of potential abuse.

    My own history comes from a monogamous family which included alcoholism, substance abuse, sexual abuse, beatings, and family violence – yet, I do not campaign about the ‘dangers’ of a monogamous relationship. Even though with logic and upheld women’s rights, and men’s rights, a polygamous relationship should have support from the other men and women within the family unit.

    If opposed to the LDS breakaway group in particular, please do not apply their brand of polygamy to being the ‘standard’, nor simply claim that polygamy is abusive by the right of there being abusive polygamous relationships. Monogamy fails that same standard. If anything, this simply highlights that no matter where nor what flag a marriage or family carries as it’s own, spousal and familial abuse can affect communities, and unless we are vigilant in our intervention, we will only allow it to spread no matter where it is practiced.

    Thank you for your time taken to read this.

    • I do not think any polygamous relationship is “healthy” and there is plenty of evidence to back me up. You, however, have stated your opinion clearly and without personal attack.

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