Utah! Utah! What a cesspool you are!

This comes from Doris Hanson, who hosts a television show every Thursday evening, “Polygamy, What Love is This?”

Well, I was a spectator in a courtroom drama today and the outcome of that drama incorporates the injustices of our society, of our Utah legal system and of the polygamist men against those who got away.
The mother of 3 little girls just lost custody of them to her polygamist, abusive and lying ex-husband. The judge said: She wanted what was best for the kids!? WHAT? Didn’t she take a vow to uphold the Utah and the U.S. Constitution? Its against the law to practice polygamy – it’s a felony to live polygamy. She just sent 3 little girls into a group of known, admitted, practicing felons. WHAT? 3 little girls now get to grow up to be 3 little polygamist wives someday! And the mother, just like all females who are inheritors of the Joseph Smith version of polygamy, the females are just to be used to breed and not good for much else. How disgusting!

And, as far as I know, here in Canada, those six men ex-communicated from the FLDS in Bountiful whose wives and children were reassigned to other “husbands” and “fathers” are still trying to see their children.

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