U.S. Ex-Polygamist Woman Starts a Campaign to Stop Funding Polygamy

Dear Readers,

Following is Rebecca Kimbal’s letter.  She sent it via registered mail to the Senators of six States that have the heaviest population of Mormon polygamists:  Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Texas.  She told me that if all government funding that flows to polygamists groups were to stop, polygamy would dry up.  It thrives on “bleeding the beast.” 

In support of Rebecca’s campaign, I am posting her letter here so that anyone in the United States who wishes to write letters similar to hers to your Senators, you may use the letter and sign your name in support, or use the letter as a guide.  Let’s help dry up polygamy–STOP THE FUNDING!


Dear Senator,                                                            April 3, 2011

Save taxpayers money.  I am a cult (polygamist) survivor! Here is a good place to cut funding!

Please STOP giving government funds to parents who refuse to cooperate with DNA testing or deliberately shield the responsible or absent parent. Please stop paying for day care, schools etc. in polygamist communities ( and other groups of organized crime) where control forbids freedom and education is a mockery.

Please stop wasting government funds by allowing human rights issues to masquerade as “freedom of religion”, wasting massive amounts of money in court costs, probation and prison terms for men who wear their incarceration as a badge of honor ( like my father did), while they run their organized crime from behind bars, where their every need is paid for and “reform” is only a word and seldom ever an “action”.

Allegedly these men go to prison to pay their debt to society, but reality provides our tax dollars to shield them form every responsibility, simply by their refusal to be responsible.

They are responsible for what they do. THEY should pay for it. Give them jobs, if that is inside prisons, so be it, but their debt to society should not be ours.

Rebecca Kimbel   MscD DTM
Area Rep. Safe Kids Now


PS, I am a product of polygamy, born in slavery, sold as a child bride, ( Warren Jeff’s father, Rulon Jeff’s preformed the marriage) and well aware of the organized crime. As long as these crimes are so easy and lucrative, they will continue. Government funding builds kingdoms for men of organized crime while America ignores children bred for slavery in our own country.

  1. It blows my mind that this website can’t distinguish between FLDS culture and polygamy. Polygamy can exist without the injustices that Rebecca experienced in the FLDS community.

  2. Unfortunately, the BCAG and AGCanada have presented arguments based on FLDS (they KNEW this would cause them to lose). The reality is protecting Canadians from harms of multiple spouses in provincial family laws, wills, estates, the strength of marriage principles being between two only persons, anyways, respecting these matters, basically these were the easily defensible harms of polygamy. Several people attempted to get this site to promote their non flds grievances but were told to buzz off.

    • I have approved your comment only to show the world what an absolute liar you are! If you had followed the BCAG’s side of the argument at all, you would have exposed yourself to irreffutable research showing the great harms of polygamy (not just FLDS polygamy, but ALL polygamy) to society in general. And, the only people told to “buzz off” have been polyamorist after polyamorist who have tried to hijack this blog ever since The Reference started. Are you one of them?
      Nancy Mereska, President
      Stop Polygamy in Canada

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