Time to Act! Vancouver Sun Editorial


The writer of this editorial has catapulted his/her words together to point straight at the authorities who have failed to act to save more women, children and young men from harm.  She/he has mirrored the feelings of frustration felt by those of us who know first hand the great harms of a closed society given over to its own licentious power.  We have endured years of having this crime tossed back into our faces under the smokescreen of “religious freedom,” allegations of “religious persecution,” and “keep out of my bedroom.”

His Lordship Chief Justice Robert Bauman has shown through proof given in his courtroom that there was no religious motive for the enactment of Canada’s anti-polygamy law in 1890.  The harm outlined in his decision is so broad, so in-depth, so real.  Polygamy is harm!

It is time to act!  And, this time I hope that the list of charges are so long the perpetrators of this crime on women, children, young men and society-at-large will not see the light of day for a long time.

Polygamy is a boil on the soil of any nation it infests.  Its pustulous fallout infects and destroys western civilization as we know it.  It is our greatest threat.  We must take care of it.  We have all the legal ammunition we need to take care of it.  Now let’s do it!

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada Society

  1. It’s a huge relief to know that Chief Justice Bauman has come down on the side of sections 15 and 28 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guaranteeing women equality with men. His ruling has sounded the death knell for polygamy in Canada, and Canadians are now free of the danger that they will be forced to witness concubines and harems in their midst. And now let charges be laid — at long last! — against those elders in Bountiful who for too long have hidden behind the aegis of religion in order to tyrannize and impoverish younger men, and to subjugate women into becoming concubines.

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