The time to lay charges against polygamists has arrived

By Jancis M. Andrews, Vancouver Sun February 3, 2011
Re: B.C. must act on criminal offences in Bountiful case, Column, Jan. 31

In her superb column, Daphne Bramham hits the nail squarely on the head when she calls for charges to be laid against certain leaders of the polygamous community of Bountiful.

Her column also mirrors the deep concerns of millions of Canadians who watched with horror and consternation as abuse followed abuse at Bountiful, while B.C. government departments turned a blind eye. Because of their refusal to act, Bountiful has become a cesspool of wrong doing.

However, it’s a new day. New government officials are in charge, and the attorney-general’s office has a first-class representative in Craig Jones, who is leading the government’s defence of Section 293 of the Criminal Code, proscribing polygamy.

The B.C. government can rest assured that all mainstream Canadians are behind them and desire them to act. The time to lay charges is now. As Ms. Bramham said so ably, there are no excuses left.

Jancis M. Andrews


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