The cruelty of church courts!

The following story demonstrates the absolute cruelty of church courts!  Jonathan Rose is a convicted paedophile, ex-convict, who was allowed to question his victims in front of JW elders in order for them to decide if he was worthy of still being a JW.  Wasn’t his civil conviction enough?  Wasn’t the fact that he was in prison for his crimes where his victims (molested as children) had to testify in open court enough?  NO!

Most organized religions have their own church courts where “elders” (men) decide the fate of the accused member of their congregations.  The mainstream LDS church holds its own church courts; and, was recently sued by an ex-member who simply wanted his name taken off the church roles in Salt Lake City; but, received a letter to go through a church court process for his excommunication first–a court that would be held in the local church he had attended by the men in authority at that particular church location, men he had known.  He won the law suit and now when a Mormon writes to Salt Lake City wanting their name removed from the church roles, it is done without such authoritative fanfare.

Most organized religions have a way of wanting to be in your hip pocket knowing all your business to the point of paranoia.  “Big brother” is watching your every move.

Jonathan Rose should have been automatically excommunicated from his congregation the minute he was convicted in civil court.  That these women were give “spiritual guidance” about giving false witness prior to their appearance before the church elders because they wanted to stay in the congregation themselves is so egregious.  What purpose did this serve when Rose was already convicted?

This is just a way for organized religions to tell their congregants that their “law” is higher than civil law.  It stinks, and most of its victims are traumatized all over again just to satisfy the “religious” egos of a few men.

I hope these women get a good lawyer and sue the JW for having been victimized all over again.

One of the reasons I was told charges have not been laid against the religious paedophiles in Bountiful is that no one will testify in court.  Why should they?  The DNA evidence, court records from Texas and birth records are all there.  And, the most egregious fact of all is that all these women have been brainwashed to say they participated of their own free will and choice–balderdash!

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