Religious beliefs are no excuse to encourage child abuse
By Helga Zeiner, Vancouver Sun March 2, 2011

Re: 12-year-old girls delivered for marriage, Daphne Bramham, Feb. 25

The story about the 12-year-old girls sent to the United States to be married to Warren Jeffs, prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, makes me wonder: If most Canadian fathers tried to make their 12-year-old daughter disappear, wouldn’t somebody check into it? Wouldn’t teachers, neighbours and friends ask questions? If the disappearance was in any way suspicious, wouldn’t the RCMP check into it and hopefully take action?

If so, how could it happen that two girls were allegedly smuggled from Bountiful to the U.S. in 2005 – while the community was being investigated – and the girls have never been officially listed as missing?

This could only happen because Bountiful considers itself outside and above our Canadian law.

Where are the girls now? They will be 18 and I fear they cannot be taken back against their will, even if we all know that “their will” is dictated by the FLDS elders.

There is something terribly wrong in Bountiful, but we have known that for years. It’s time to take action.

Helga Zeiner

Bridge Lake

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  1. It is indeed scary to think our Justice system in Canada is so flawed that these children have literally no rights, no safe zone whatsoever.
    Wally Oppal, former AG, at least tried but Canadian Justice foiled even him…

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