Press Release re: BC looking for new Special Prosecutor

Readers, I truly do not understand the process of laying charges in BC.  It has been explained to me but I find it very, very confusing.

The evidence of the crime of polygamy and the crimes against women and children there are in full view.  Now we have the threat that FLDS babies are being taken from their mothers and moved elsewhere.  Some mothers are allowed to go with their babies but others are not and do not know where these babies are going!  We want to know if babies are being trafficked across the Canadian border.

Here is the press release from the BC AG’s office (thank you to the reporter who forwarded it to us):


For Immediate Release


Jan. 9, 2012

Ministry of Attorney General

New Bountiful special prosecutor to be appointed

VICTORIA – The following is a statement from Attorney General Shirley Bond regarding her direction to appoint a new special prosecutor:

“I have been informed by the assistant deputy attorney general for thecriminal justice branch that Richard Peck, QC, no longer desires to continue on in his role as a special prosecutor for the Province withregard to possible criminal offenses that have occurred in Bountiful, B.C.

“Specifically, there is an ongoing RCMP investigation into allegationsthat underage girls were transported between Bountiful and the UnitedStates, and that these and other activities from the early 1980’s topresent day may have involved serious criminal offences, including childsexual exploitation, sexual assault and procurement.

“As attorney general, I am very concerned about these allegations. As such, today, I have sent a letter to the assistant deputy attorney general(ADAG) instructing him to appoint a new special prosecutor. It is my understanding that the ADAG intends to proceed quickly with this new appointment.

“It is important that the Crown have a special prosecutor available toreview any police reports received as a result of the RCMP’s investigations. It is my expectation that the new prosecutor will liaise with the RCMP during their investigation, review police reports to determine if criminal charges are warranted and, where appropriate, carry through with the laying of charges and conduct of any prosecutions.

“I anticipate that, in keeping with the usual practice of the criminal justice branch, if the special prosecutor decides that there is not a substantial likelihood of a criminal conviction or that a prosecution is not in the public interest, the branch will issue a statement summarizing the reasons of the special prosecutor for that decision.

“I would like to thank Mr. Peck for his contributions during the past six years. He has impressive credentials as a senior criminal lawyer, and hehas been thorough and diligent in reviewing the matters that have beenforwarded to him. His perspective was very much appreciated.

“I have asked legal counsel to study the reference case decision provided by Chief Justice Bauman and provide their advice as to any further actionsfor the Province in relation to that decision.

“While this is still ongoing, I do expect to be able to provide further information on government’s actions in relation to the reference case in the coming weeks.”


Dave Townsend

Government Communications and Public Engagement

Ministry of Attorney General

250 387-4962

250 889-5945 (cell)

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  1. Oh my heavens ~
    One cannot but help wonder if situations such as this are Canada-wide. By that I mean after watching last Friday’s W-5 regarding young woman born in Vancouver, Jassi, and her murder while in India. You know the one I am talking about. It was also on television last night [ 8 January 2012] with updates as to telling us the RCMP here are responding, NOW[!!] eleven years after her murder. The Indian police almost immediately realized this was a murder and apprehended those whom they believed to be the killers. But W-5 found that they somehow walked; the Indian authoriites we understand, can be bought.
    [Of course they are not in Canada are they??I pray there are more good than bad here.]
    Meanwhile the man that was supposedly behind masterminding it all, continues to walk amoung us, going at will, and into the Surrey Sikh temple. When W-5 reporter asked him why he had let Jassi’s body remain in India for so long, the Sihk, Jassi’s uncle! stated he knew nothing..
    This stinks of the Untouchables..Remember those? I am too young to actually hear about them on the radio, but the reruns of those movies were and are horrendous; it’s really all about gang/warfare. So how is POLYGAMY, ie., HUMAN TRAFFIKING, and killing either by a very sharp knife as Jassi was, or by the disease fumarase, or by ‘selling’ babies across our borders. The meaning is just slightly off: selling babies, but when it comes down to it: these babies are pawns, or lucre, or swaps, or anything else that means the giving and taking of something. In this case it happens to be Humans. We can but wonder if these human-pawns are male or female. If male they may be killed by their recievers.just as the baby human girl is, or was[?] in China.
    While we wait let’s write more letters…unless someone has a better idea..

  2. Cannot help but hope these comments, all,
    are viewed by ALL.

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