Polygamy’s degrading to women — end of story
  1. It is unfortunate that I have to write this reply on this web site, but the assertions which are made by Lysiane Gagnon concerning polygamy and her allegations about polygamy are completely unfounded. Her comments are both remarkably ignorant and crass. Her claims can be easily refuted.
    Firstly, let it be understood that polygamy is not an “unconventional practice”. The majority of the world still practices polygamy according to the United Nations, and more countries are turning towards it. Countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, and recently Canada and Israel are all considering it, as well as their legal systems are being challenged, and not necessarily by men, but by women.
    The question is, how can polygamy be a nefarious force for creating inequalities between the sexes? How can this be possible when National Statistics and the United Nations confirm that the consistent birth rate for male and females has always been 1 to 4? This means that in every society in the world, 80% of the population will always be women and 20% men. This can change due to imbalances caused by social and political engineering. Whereby, governments exercise control over how many children couples can have or where environmental and economic hardships creates a culture where males are strongly preferred. These statistics alone should tell us that men are and were always rare! This nationally consistent birth rate statistic can be further exasperated by War and conflicts, economic hardships and disease.
    Also, Lysiane Gagnon has never known nor considered that there just are not enough men for each woman to be married. Therefore, the rather false and precarious enforcement of one man to one women has through the centuries never worked. This is easily evidenced by historical research which shows how enforced monogamy has always resulted in societies and cultures through the centuries which have always had exorbitant rates of prostitution, sex slavery, single parent families, and high divorce/widow rates.
    Therefore, the foolish and thoughtless inconsideration of Heads of State, Governments and Leaders to not consider the obvious is frightening as it is laughable.
    After all, what could be wrong with multiple partner marriage? How could it create inequality if the female partner chooses to do so? And how can the government intrude on that which is private? Women in pornography have always fought for the right to choose to do it against those who have always argued that pornography exploits and degrades women, and is male centered. Yet we do not see masses of women protesting against polygamy, especially from those within polygynous societies. It seems to me what we have are people who want to force their views on others in society. Especially in the matter of polygamy.
    Of course, Judges and any legal committee would justify their arguments by statements inferring that they are protecting women from abuse, exploitation and inequality, but then should we expect them to say anything less?
    Now if a well informed solicitor representing polygamous groups knew how to properly represent them in the courts it would be very easy for that person to destroy all prejudicial, ignorant and biased arguments the courts have which have no basis in reality or truth by the following means:
    It would be a simple matter to argue “where is the injured party”? The Courts, the Judge and the Government cannot represent themselves as being the injured party in any way because they are not “Persons” in any legal sense. Also, the failure of any court to produce an injured party because a man was married to several women is evidence that the whole prevarication of the argument is ludicrous. Moreover, what reasonable person would want to stand in the way of women who wants to be bound under the legal auspices of the law to a man that is already married?
    Fourthly, the whole history of man is polygamous. So it seems the ancients were far wiser and more intelligent than what we are, because they recognised the problems of their natural birth rate inequalities. So, let me then ask you, how are the rest of the 75% of all single women going to get married?
    It is falsely claimed that monogamy is Christian behavior. This premise is also false, because when we look into history, we see that the practice of the early Christians for the first 300 years was always polygamous. This was until the Agnostics used their powerful influence to destroy Christian families and their practice of it by enforced monogamous compliance.
    Therefore, the seeming intelligent but yet foolish insinuations of Lysiane Gagnon are not worthy of consideration, as they are nothing but profoundly ignorant statements from someone who is uneducated in matters regarding polygamy.
    If a man is rich or well-to-do, why can he not bring several women to enjoy his wealth under the privacy of his roof? If a man is not financially liquid as other men, yet he provides a loving family which other women desire to be a part of it, why should any one want to stand in their way to prevent that from happening?
    What reasonable person could be against polygamy? There is nothing questionable or immoral about it. This is not the case to do with homosexuality, where it is both aberrant and immoral, yet we have a court system which can accept an immoral behavior enough to legalise it, yet it cannot accept a historical, prevalent and current practice, which still continues to this day! Is that not remarkable, when we have a moral behavior which has always been and is practiced everywhere around the world! Canada and America included.
    We have birth rate statistics which reflect the same figures of men to women in the church of 1 to 4.
    Have a look at these quotes I just found:
    “Go to almost any church and you’ll meet mature, intelligent, attractive Christian women who want to get married and virtually no men to pursue them. … The second issue is that we may simply not have enough men in the church”. (thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/…/2011/11/…/dude-wheres-your-bride/)
    Or you can examine for yourself here a news item reported from the BBC:
    What is interesting is if men are already rare by natural birth rate statistics, matters such as war, homosexuality, National and International economic hardships which cause men to migrate, further devastates the supply of men to women for any nation. Is it not curious how we see every Modern nation on earth, regardless of whether it is Western or Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet countries, all issue national warnings of their declining populations, yet, still more curiously, the Moslem populations within them are the fastest growing ethnic group within any G7 nations. It should not leave much to the imagination as to why that is?

    • I’m allowing this because the fallacies of your argument are so many, they would fill the Grand Canyon; and, I know that if I try to reply to your email, it will have disappeared off the face of the internet. With only a little bit of studying and reading, “anon”, you would see how very wrong you are! Happy New Year, wherever you may be!

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