Polygamy hurt 19th century Mormon wives’ evolutionary fitness

Dear Blog Readers,

This paper is published under the button with the same title.  My thanks to David Bricker, University Communications, Indiana University Bloomington, for responding to my request for a copy of this paper so quickly.

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

  1. “Hurting…wives”/women? Please someone tell me that YOU have researched the genetic defects related to offspring of first cousins producing babies?
    I capitalize here because I am shocked and concerned that NOTHING has been said about the horrendous disease that is known in polygamist sects. In 1990 Arizona showed that about half of the world’s known population of Fumarase Deficiency births are in that state alone. We have no known knowledge of this in Canada;privacy rights alone ban officials from checking this.However in Colorado City/Hilldale AZ, Dr.Theodore Tarby has been treating these babies. And by that year 1990 they were long documented. Most newborn do not survive and are quietly buried in the polygamist “Baby Cemetery”..do those very words tell us nothing?
    Why not the simple word of CEMETERY?
    I did ask our former British Columbia AG if the RCMP could check our local polygamist sect for a “Baby Cemetery” but privacy rules..
    Director of Pediatric Neurogenetics Centre of St. Joseph’s Hospital AZ, Dr.Aleck stated “I saw a FLDS child suffer a seizure while she was sitting with her mother and 2 other children ALSO suffering from this disease..all of a sudden with this one little baby everything tightened up and she arched her back so hard her head almost touched her toes.” Pain you say? Uhuh. As a ret.nurse who was introduced to nursing treating babies I can tell you these tiny bodies go through horrible, agonizing pain.They cannot tell you..but they show you.Guttaral communication, crying. No I have never seen an infant with FD. It is related to first cousins producing infants.
    WHY? Please someone tell me why this has never been discussed here?Surely the unrelenting pain of a baby is important enough..and let us not forget the emotional/spiritual pain of the mother that give birth to these poor things that are often born with a half brain.

  2. Flora–you really aren’t alone in your concerns. Families need to travel to the U of U. That was the trigger for Carole’s ESCAPE, not the only reason, but her baby had a Drs. Appointment in Utah and didn’t want to leave her other children behind. Maybe you can arrange for a U OF U trained midwife (Probably FLDS if she is going to live near her patients.) I don’t mean to put FLDS women down, but it isn’t Satan punishing little girls. Short Creek has always been backward and shy of Doctor-Informers. They might have trusted Dr. Farnsworth and many suffered for not doing so.

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