Petition to Support the Afghan Women’s Network

Stop Polygamy in Canada has signed this petition and is encouraging other groups/individuals to also sign it.

Petition to Support the Afghan Women’s Network

Friday, December 2, 2011 – 17:08

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  1. Cowardly acts are usually done by those with low self-esteem. Perhaps the Afghan male has low self-esteem issues to maim, and kill the Afghan woman. What other reason is there? We all know however, it matters NOT AT ALL for what REASON the men choose to kill these women. It matters completely, that they are KILLERS and nothing is done…
    Every one of these men are cowards that evoke self-limiting denial. Every one of them
    become mass gangsters cloaked with their long robes, moving in units like dogs. stones upraised to throw at women.
    Dogs can become exceptionally vicious when in packs: these men move in like units.
    Just as dog-packs kill so do these Afghan men.
    Where is the United Nations in this? Where are all the Commonwealth Countries, the G20 countries…every country in the world, democratic, communist or anarchy they should be making a HUGE uproar about this mass killing! Yet it appears, for the present, every nation in the entire world can do nothing. Honestly though if they wanted to do something they could. A global and united stand against killing could be done.

    Granted other silent genocides have been accomplished….. Yet our seemingly advanced societies can do nothing. Informing through organizations such as Info-sect, Stop Polygamy in Canada etc.,can and are accomplishing the communication necessary.
    Please understand: I do not mean to generalize here. I am sure that there are many many
    Afghan men that are good. It means however, there are not enough good men to combat
    the packs…
    If the nations of the world got off their collective derrieres the killing
    could be halted now. Or am I rationalizing and generalizing….I am sure you will
    let me know..

    Illness has kept me from posting in the last while but I plan to make up for lost time;
    some illnesses do slow one down so it is ‘baby steps’ that lead to giant steps. Each one of us can do this; take baby steps that lead to the giant one that quell the killing.
    CBC website October 2008/re the thirteen year old that tried to seek help as she had been raped by four men in Somalia/she was buried, stoned, raised from the dirt to assess if
    she were DEAD, she was NOT, buried once more and killed by stoning. Something I can
    never forget. Amnesty Int. could do nothing. If you have forgotten this Google it please…
    This is circa 2011 not just AD.

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