Ordain Women organizers planning events for LDS General Conference sessions October 4th

This almost makes me want to fake belief in the Mormon church again just so I can get re-baptized and help these women with their organization.  I’m so happy to see they are carrying on even after their main organizer, Kate Kelly, was excommunicated.  Non of the supporters of ordainwomen.org have expressed disbelief in the main leaders of the LDS church.  They simply want to be ordained so they can hold office the same as the men.  True equality in Mormonism.

Following is the announcement of their plans for the upcoming general conference (held twice a year–at Easter time and in early October).  This is where the men who believe they are closest to God tell the rest of the world of Mormonism how they should live.  I must laugh–really until my sides ache.  A “general authority” (name attached to one of these god-men) visited Edmonton years ago and picked three couples to stand with him on the platform he spoke from at the Butterdome at the U of A (how much of our sacrificial tithe money did it take to rent the Butterdome?!).  One of these couples was our bishop and his wife and young family.  This general authority told us that these couples were the best example of “perfection” we had in our midst and we should follow their examples.  HA! HA!  The only son of our bishop became the drug lord of Edmonton, was in the remand centre several times, and now lives in a South American country with his second wife and family.  He cannot come to Canada.  One of the three daughters of this bishop was pregnant at an early teen age.  I think the pressure of being “perfect” was just too much for this young family.  Another example of “perfection” was our stake president and his wife.  He is the last man I went to (it was frowned on to seek outside church counselling for marital–or any other type–of troubles, to speak to him about the absolutely impossible communication problems between me and my Mormon husband.  When he told me to go home and do things to make my husband like me, I asked him where in his manual of dealings with LDS members did it say that because I had heard it for nineteen years.  I glared him down and he told me I was not a very likeable person because I liked to glare.

I could give you a report card on what happened to many of the kids of the congregation of which I was a member, but I won’t bore you.  Instead I ask that if you are an LDS woman reading this blog, that you consider seriously supporting the ordain women organization.  Will we always give birth to boys to have them grow to be men who step on us and our rights?


Good Evening,

As you may know, Ordain Women is planning local actions on October 4th, 2014. We invite you to ask for admittance to the Priesthood broadcast, together with a group of supporters, at a designated local meetinghouse. A list of areas is included below. For more information about where your local group is meeting, please choose the area closest to you, and then reply to this email, including the words “RSVP (area)” in the subject of your email. (I.E. RSVP Seattle, or RSVP Phoenix.) A local representative will contact you soon. If you do not see an area near you and want to organize one, please contact us. We encourage everyone to invite friends and to wear purple to both the priesthood action and the women’s broadcast this Saturday September 27th.



Thank you for your support,

Ordain Women leadership




West Canada


Hong Kong




United States



(Los Angeles)

(San Diego)


DC Metro


New England/Boston

New York


North Carolina



Washington State





Salt Lake

Utah County

Southern Utah

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