Note of explanation from lead attorney for Stop Polygamy in Canada, Brian Samuels

The decision is well reasoned and very detailed. There are many findings of

fact, which are amply supported by the evidence.  In the likely event that

this case is appealed, the findings of fact contained in the Reasons for

Judgment would not be appealable. These findings include substantial

evidence of the harms caused by polygamy, as well as the finding that there

was no religious motivation to the enactment of the criminal code provision

that makes polygamy illegal.

My thanks to all for your effort and support. All of the witnesses,

including the experts and other witnesses who gave evidence, put in much

time and effort, and much of that evidence is referred to and accepted in

the Reasons for Judgment of the Court.

Again, congratulations to everyone.

  1. I’m so glad to read this!

  2. is the judge saying that women over 18 should be prosecuted too? At one point it sounds like no, at another yes.. does anyone know?

    • Vicki,

      I think that is a question for the authorities to answer when and if they lay charges. We know that the judge has asked that females between the ages of 12 and 17 who have been coerced into polygamous marriages not be charged.

      I sent your lengthy research on the new BC family legislation to researchers at the legislature in Victoria. I have not heard back. When I do, I’ll post. The legislation was already in third reading by the time I sent it so it may be a done deal.

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