No Hell Large Enough–My Beliefs

I truly believe that there is no Hell large enough to hold the Mormon priesthood who believe in and/or practice polygamy.  Nor is there a Hell large enough to hold the authorities who drag their feet when it comes to laying charges when the evidence of the crime of polygamy and its crimes are in full view.

Right now in Colorado City, AZ/Hildale, UT, families are being torn apart because men are being deemed unworthy due to an illegal dictate from a pedophilic monster who is in prison for life.  How are the authorities handling it?  Shurtleff says he’ll look into it.  The Senators of these two states have nominated Magistrate Judge David Nuffer who defended members of Colorado City helping a polygamous couple adopt children against the wishes of a non-polygamous parent!

God is going to have to create another Hell for those who defend and practice this abominal crime and those who have the authority but stand by and do nothing, NOTHING.  Whereas, mainstream LDS believe Jesus sits at the right hand of God for the Judgment and Joseph Smith sits at the left hand side of God–told to me by a stake president–I BELIEVE that the new Hell God has to create for all these criminals will be presided over by Joseph Smith as he receives these men into eternal damnation.

I BELIEVE Joseph Smith wrote Section 132 of the Doctrine & Covenants only to curse those who did not want to follow his licentious lust for other women–especially to curse his innocent wife, Emma Hale Smith.  In verse 54, Joseph Smith writes (I believe not by the hand of God but by his own hand): “And I command mine handmaid, Emma Smith, to abide and cleave unto my servant Joseph, and to none else.  But if she will not abide this commandment she shall be destroyed, saith the Lord; for I am the Lord thy God, and will destroy her if she abide not in my law.”  The “law” referred to is plural marriage!  This is blasphemy to the highest level.  That a man should write a passage cursing his own wife.  Nine times in 66 verses, Joseph Smith writes that those who do not believe in polygamy will be damned, given to Satan, or destroyed.

Now, women and children are being torn apart from husbands and fathers and held for future assignment in another meltdown of the Mormon Fundamentalist cult, the FLDS.  If this is not child abuse, spousal abuse, abduction, mental and physical abuse, I don’t know what is.  And, Shurtleff says he’ll simply look into it.

We do not know the unrest that may be happening with the Jeffs’ faction in Bountiful, BC; but, you can bet something is happening!

I have a list of 31 underaged girls trafficked to the States for plural marriage to old men, their ages, who they married, their parents and the parents of the men they were given to as young concubines.  A list of nine underaged girls impregnated by Winston Blackmore was presented by an RCMP constable in June 2009 to a BC judge.

The Canadian anti-polygamy law has been upheld on November 23, 2011 by Chief Justice Robert Bauman.



Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

  1. Very powerful. The procrastination is inexcusable and deplorable.

  2. Dear Nancy,
    Everything you have written I agree with completely. You lived through it all to tell it like it is.
    Yet STILL I CANNOT believe that Doctor Tarby is not brought into the picture!! How many babies died at birth or lived a few days, or even months, because of the generations of incest!!!??? NO ONE anywhere comments on this! WHY NOT?? are they afraid to admit to this horrendous disease??
    The authorities in British Columbia KNOW ABOUT THIS DISEASE! I have told the former AG time after time about it and the dear man Wally Oppal (sorry I cannot go check the spelling as I will loose what is now written) really did try to do womething but I feel he was simply worn down by the bombarding of negativity that he experienced from the other “authorities”.
    If your readers do not know what I am talking about it is called “fumarase deficiency”. I am not going to tell you more as you all have access to the Internet. Read what Doctor Tarby tells you. It really is horrendous. And the mothers are the ones who watch their baby go through the pain of it all…..and they are the ones who continue to bury them in their “Baby Cemetery” ………BEHIND THIER BIRTHING COTTAGE!!!!!!!!!

    Those two words should tell you exactly what I mean…why not just CEMETERY hmm??
    Dr. Tarby describes it so weill it is heartbreaking to read………or even think about………

    Keep it up Nancy, as will I and hopefully all, or most of your list.
    But remember what I have said before: be good to you dear girl and get your R and R with your family, and time alone too!

  3. Hello everyone,
    We all seem to have little time these days for research unless something really ticks us off. The disease I spoke earlier about, well several times actually, is in a previous note from me and I will paste it here. My angst over this whole issue makes me nasty at times I suppose so bear with me as you read below..thank you. Faye

    From the

    In the 1930s, two families, the Jessops and the Barlows, settled the area around Hildale, Utah, along the border with Arizona, where they founded the FDLS — and began handing down to their descendants a recessive gene for a severe form of mental retardation called Fumarase Deficiency. The birth defect has become increasingly prevalent within the FLDS community since 1990 when it was first identified by Dr. Theodore Tarby, an Arizona pediatric neurologist, now retired but formerly with the Children’s Rehabilitative Services in Phoenix. He saw his first case when an FLDS mother brought her severely retarded son to see him. Tarby asked the mother whether any of her other children had problems, and she mentioned a daughter with cerebral palsy — testing proved that she, too, had Fumarase Deficiency syndrome.

    The birth defect — an enzyme deficiency — causes severe mental retardation, epilepsy and disfigurement of features. “The retardation is in the severe range — an IQ around 25,” Dr. Tarby says. Afflicted children are missing portions of their brain, often cannot sit or stand, and suffer grand mal seizures and encephalitis. Language skills are nonexistent or minimal. “I remember one little girl has a fascination with coins and the only word she could say was ‘money,'” the doctor said. Families whose children are affected often avail themselves of state-funded medical care, consistent with the FLDS philosophy of seeking government aid — despite their suspicion of government — which they call “bleeding the Beast.”

    Until 1990 Tarby says he knew of only 13 cases of Fumarase Deficiency worldwide. Since, it has taken hold in the FLDS community because of intermarriage. “If you have two parents with the gene,” Tarby says, “you are going to have a one-in-four chance of having a child afflicted with it.” Depending on the severity of the disorder, children may die in childhood or may survive into early adulthood; if a person who has developed the disorder goes on to have a child, his or her chances of passing it on are one in two. But diagnosing the condition is difficult and requires extremely careful testing, the doctor says. His research, published in 2006, identified 20 cases within the Hildale-Colorado City enclave. “I would expect there are going to be Fumarase Deficiency cases there in Texas,” he said.

    State officials will not release any medical information about the 416 children in their custody, but one mother, giving her name simply as Sally on CNN’s Larry King Live, described her son as “handicapped” and needing hourly care. “One of the mothers raised concerns about her child who had Down Syndrome,” TDFPS spokesman Greg Cunningham told TIME in an e-mail. “That child has had a medical evaluation and has had one-on-one care.” Cunningham says that the children in custody at the Pavilion, part of the city’s civic center complex, have one caregiver for every three children. A small number of older boys have been moved to the Cal Farley Boy’s Ranch in Amarillo, a privately funded home for needy children.

    The FLDS community, by and large, rejects the idea that Fumarase Deficiency is caused by genes, according to Tarby. “They have their mythology about the condition. They think it’s something in the water, or something in the air,” he says. Before Tarby retired in 2007, FLDS leaders invited him to address the community about the disorder and how to prevent it. He told them that prevention would involve barring marriages between people with the recessive gene, or asking those couples to forgo children. He suggested that families discontinue having children once the disorder presents itself, or test for the gene during pregnancy and selectively abort pregnancies with the deficiency. All were approaches rejected by the FLDS. “It’s not something they are willing to do,” Tarby says.

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  4. Faye,

    Dr. Steven Kent testified regarding fumarase deficiency syndrome in pages 11 & 12 of court transcript Day 24. It is too large to post here. I’ll have to find another way to get it condensed. But, he talked about the Jessops and Barlows and the strain of this brain disorder coming from their union and their progenators. Thanks for your information and education but the syndrome was not left out of the court testimony.

  5. Thank you so much for your response!
    Much of last year I was dealing with MY illnesses so did not get to read all!

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