My dream to help ex-FLDS cult members in transition
My dream is an all-inclusive centre housing those leaving the FLDS cult and are in transition.  It would include:
  •  personal counseling based on client-centered psychology,
  • a qualified/certified educational section,
  • a play centre for the children,
  • a music/recreation area,
  • a fully-equipped library,
  • life-skills training coaches,
  • a medical facility,
  •  dental care specialists
  • Legal assistance and advice especially regarding the best interests of the children in polygamy custody battles

In this type of centre, ex-FLDS could interact not only with the professionals there to help them, but with each other as they move from having minds and bodies bound by the dictates of a cult leader to becoming independent, free thinkers able to make positive choices for their lives and the lives of their family members.  Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but I believe that if you are going to dream, you might as well dream big!

There are help centres but often they cost too much; or, they are run by volunteers whose resources are stretched to the limit.  My centre would be funded so that participants could concentrate on moving into the real world, not worry about paying bills.
Most people who have been in any kind of …cult have given over all their personal and financial resources to the leaders.
Also, I would want bursuries to be available for those ready to start their own businesses or continue in education for careers.  I don’t want much, do I?
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  1. God bless you for all you do! I would appreciate a link to my blog. I plan on creating a blog list soon and would like to add your site to the list.

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