Mormon intoxication with the dead

For those who will be critical and think my last two posts have nothing to do with polygamy, think again.  Section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants is still alive and well.  It lays down the law of polygamy.  It curses any woman who rejects it.

Once a person is posthumously baptized by proxy in a Mormon temple, their name is then worn by a Mormon and taken through the temple endowment ceremony, a ceremony where total allegiance is given to the Mormon church (cult).  Mormon men believe they will be given many wives in the afterlife who will be eternally pregnant giving birth to the spirits who will inhabit the bodies of the mortals in the worlds overwhich they will be gods.  It’s sick, blasphemous and degrading to women and their souls.

Have your dead relatives been posthumously baptized in a Mormon temple?  Those genealogy records and libraries and all the information the Mormon church collects on the deceased is not just for family history purposes.

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