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For those of you writing letters/making phone calls, etc. to stop the appointment of Judge David Nuffer to Federal District Judge over the area of Utah that covers both Hilldale and Colorado City, AZ.  Here is the schedule of his nomination hearing before the Senate Committee on November 7th.  See page 12.  Keep writing letters and making your phone calls.  This man not only was a defense attorney for FLDS in Hilldale/Colorado City, he advocates adoption by polygamous families!

What were Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee thinking when they nominated this guy for a federal post?

From Americans Against Abuses in Polygamy, :

On Monday the US Senate is about to confirm an Obama nomination, based on Sen. Orrin Hatch’s (R-UT) appointment…of a former FLDS attorney, to a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. Judge David Nuffer was also responsible, when he was an attorney, for removing 6 children from their non-polygamist biological home, and allowing an FLDS Colorado City polygamist family, who was NO BLOOD KIN to the children to legally adopt them, partly on the claim they were being raised in a home “with Christian values.”

One of those children’s children is now one of the 12-year-old girls that
Warren Jeffs ritually married in an illegal ceremony, and then raped and used her in group sex sessions in the sect’s temple on the YFZ Ranch in Schleicher County, Texas.

Thank you,

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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