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This information came from Kathleen Mackert, Executive Director, Valerie Jeffs Mackert Gateway to Freedom Foundation:

There is one vital event that was left out of this fabulous article: the Boyden Raid of 1944. Both of our Grandparents were arrested in this Raid. It was the only one that arrested the women, along with the men for unlawful cohabitation. It was done in the early morning hours, and synchronized in multiple states. Surprisingly, this Raid happened because of pressure from the Mormon Church.

I found the book that includes the details of Kathleen’s comments:

The story of the Boyden Raid is included in the book
Kidnapped from That Land: The Government Raids on the Short Creek Polygamists by Martha Sonntag Bradley

And these detail corrections came from k.Dee Ignatin, CEO, Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy:

One more quick correction and a couple of top of mind comments, sugar. It was the Texas Supreme Court, not the US Supreme Court that ruled the children had been improperly seized.

Also worth noting was the minority court opinion which listed grave concerns and vigorous legal disagreements with that majority decision.

Also, the court only said that they must take each family on a case by case basis, NOT that there was no abuse identified on the YFZ, for there most certainly was.

Also, it was someone corrupt at the top of Texas CPS who gave the orders to return ALL the children, including those who had been identified as victims of sexual abuse or criminal neglect. Check the AAAP blog for evidence of that. The defenders of these Texas children were railroaded by somebody with a pro-polygamy sympathy agenda.

Thank you, all. The more we work together, the more we share knowledge and raise our voices for not only the education of the public on this sordid crime against humanity, but also, for the education of those caught in polygamy’s clutches, I believe the practice of polygamy will be stopped.


Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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