Model Muslim Marriage Contract: UK

Dear Blog Readers,

As you well know, WLUML (Women Living Under Muslim Laws) International Organization based in London, England, is a very integral part of the campaign to Stop Polygamy in Canada.  They are also co-participants in our original affidavit for The Reference, Supreme Court of British Columbia.

We are also part of WUNRN (Women’s United Nations Report Network).

Please note, I have just posted the February 2011 summary from WLUML (right side bar, scroll down to WLUML and click on the tag).  If you go to the bottom of the list, you will see the article about the “Model Muslim Marriage Contract” that has recently been appended to marriage statutes in the United Kingdom. 

Women who have been schooled in oppressive patriarchal regimes are going to submit to these types of contracts.  They have little choice when the legislators allow them into their marital statutes.  This is outrageous!

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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  1. This is an outrageous betrayal of the human rights principles our ancestors struggled for, over many centuries!

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