Letter to BC Assistant Deputy Education Minister–Jancis Andrews

Dear Assistant Deputy Minister Claire Avison,

Thank you for your email dated January 2, 2013, which is included below and which you made in reply to my email dated November 8, 2012, addressed to Premier Clark and copied to the Hon. Don McRae. The subject title was “Children Denied Education at Bountiful.” 

You had, however, already answered my November 8 email, utilizing the same letter. You sent the original on December 10, 2012, your reference # 163527. Obviously a mix-up occurred within your office staff when my November 8 email was forwarded to you for reply.

I replied to your December 10 email on December 31, under the subject title of “The Education of Home-Schooled Children at the Polygamous Cult of Bountiful.” It is possible that it is too early for you to have read it. The members of Stop Polygamy in Canada Society, however, would be grateful to receive a reply from you regarding the serious points our letter raised…. points that many other mainstream Canadians are also raising, and which have been highlighted many times by Daphne Bramham, prizewinning journalist at the Vancouver Sun, and author of the best-seller exposé of Bountiful, The Secret Lives of Saints.

Meanwhile, the situation at Bountiful is too serious for politicizing. Never have concerned Canadians ever come across such a bewildering, terrible situation before, where the rights of children, especially girl children, appear to be ignored by a provincial government which gives the strongest impression it is at such a loss regarding what action to take that it takes no action at all. 

We all know that the débacle at Bountiful has been caused by decades of previous governments of ALL political stripes failing to deal with the wanton arrogance displayed by the male leaders of this secretive, lawless community. These men teach their followers they can break Canadian law with impunity because they are obeying the commands of the Jehovah God of the Old Testament. Somehow this self-serving (crazy?) claim has paralyzed successive provincial governments.

It is long past time to end this dictatorship by men whom the RCMP themselves state have impregnated underage girls and forced them to become the “celestial wives” of elderly men. THAT IS RAPE, REPEAT: RAPE. As well, the elders, plus some brainwashed parents, have trafficked girls to polygamous compounds in the USA, and in addition have banished young men seen as rivals for females, denied all the children a decent education, and controlled their followers with threats of eternal hell fire unless they practise polygamy and obey their Prophet, the latest being jailed American child rapist Warren Jeffs. 

Such crazy tyranny is characteristic of a cult, not a bona fide religion. Mainstream Canadians are well aware that over the years ex-Bishop Winston Blackmore has impregnated nine underage girls, and participated in trafficking young girls, yet still he has not been charged. Where else in Canada has a known pedophile been allowed to get away with his crimes?

Many of us hope that Premier Clark’s government will not allow such abuses to continue, especially since the premier is female and a mother. Attorney-General Bond is also female, and thus many people, women in particular, hope these two powerful women will be more sensitive to the crime of young girls being forced into concubinage and early pregnancy in polygamist harems. All of us, no matter our political stripe, are obligated to stop this evil that has taken root at Bountiful.

And now a large percentage of Bountiful’s children are to be home-schooled by uneducated, prophet-ridden parents, who, courtesy of the lack of standards within traditional home schooling, are apparently also free to teach their children the insane dictates of Warren Jeffs. 

No society which calls itself civilized can allow this awful situation to continue.

Everyone hopes that 2013 will finally be the year when the BC government acts. Please do all you can to help.

Yours truly,

Jancis M. Andrews


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