John Llewellyn featured on television show

Dear Readers,

John Llewellyn, witness for Stop Polygamy in Canada, and author of several books on polygamy, was a featured guest on the Utah television show, Polygamy, What Love is This?

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

  1. The more I read and learn about the practice of polygamy, the more deeply I believe that religious and tribal polygamy are the most egregiously harmful.

    To use a religion, cult or tribe to coerce polygamous behaviour is beyond the pale.

  2. I listened to you today on a previous episode of Polygamy: What Love is This ,talking about Canada. I noticed you mentioned how the polygamists get funded a lot of money to operate public schools .The same sort of thing happens in Hill Spring Alberta.
    All the staff are Mormon and Mormon docterine is maybe not, necessarily taught [and that is questionable, very questionable] but when every person [staff] is Mormon then Mormonism rules is modeled. Mormons should have to pay for their own schools if they want to teach or not teach according to their Mormon rules.
    They should not get a free ride from the Canaian tax payers, and
    Cnadian children deserve at least an adaquate education. Getting involved with what looked like a quaint country school was a nightmare.

    • Hello Steve and Dee,

      I agree with you one hundred percent. I have seen this for myself. But in Alberta, non-secular schools are funded by the government. The misnomer with Mormon staffed schools in Mormon towns is that they do not bill themselves as Mormon schools. E.g. seminary classes are held in the schools, whereas in larger secular school towns and cities, the Mormons have to hold their seminary classes in their chapels. Also, in schools with large populations of Mormons, the non-Mormon kids are made to feel left out. Some Mormon kids are very zealous in their quest to please their parents and win converts. And, some kids are just plain nasty and bullying toward non-Mormon classmates. My ex- and some other “priesthood” men of the Mormon church tried to get early-morning seminary classes in the public school my children were attending in Edmonton. They did not succeed! I was happy about that. Church is church and public school is public school. All other non-secular schools have to present themselves as such, but Mormon schools in Mormon towns present themselves as public schools when, in fact, they are not.

      Nancy Mereska, President
      Stop Polygamy in Canada

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