Jason Kenny compares LBTGQ2+ rights to rights for polygamy and incest!

Once again, a person with far, far right, bigoted views is seeking the leadership of a major political party in Alberta Canada. Jason Kenny has even been endorsed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Like Donald Trump in the U.S., we have our bigots who run for and too often win office. The conservative stronghold lasted over four decades in Alberta. Premier Rachel Notley, New Democrat Party Leader (NDP), is doing a tremendous job given the challenges that have faced her: slump in oil prices and Fort McMurray fire. Alberta under the conservatives opted for the “notwithstanding” clause when gay marriage was made legal by the federal government in 2004. This meant that gay marriage was not recognized in Alberta. It has been legal under Notley. Alberta has been so far behind in human rights that you would think we live in the dark ages. The NDP are bringing us up to current patterns of social thinking. WE DO NOT NEED THE LIKES OF JASON KENNY LEADING ALBERTA. NM

Dave Beninger

July 7 at 12:30pm

Abhorrent quote from a 2002 article entitled “Polygamists could Find ‘Family-Class’ Favour” by Peter Stock in The Report Newsmagazine. In the article current MP and Alberta PC leadership hopeful Jason Kenney compares the plight for equal human rights for LGBTQ2+ Canadians to the plight of incest and polygamy.

This is the exact kind of hateful dog whistle politics that allowed other individuals cover to make even more hateful attacks on our community and our rights. This helped to normalize homophobia and hate towards our community. This is not acceptable. Mr. Kenney owes the LGBTQ2+ community of Alberta and Canada an immediate apology and explanation.

If Mr. Kenney has truly had a change of heart from his extreme views, he must express that and apologize. It is not enough to just wait until your close-minded views are electorally nonviable and then to switch positions away from the wrong side of history. If Mr. Kenney truly has changed his views, then he should understand why his past views were wrong – and should therefore apologize for the damage he has caused to our community. The long road to forgiveness can only begin after a genuine apology occurs. Apologize.



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