Is Winston Blackmore lying?

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I am getting very annoyed at the apparent fudging of facts by Mr. Winston Blackmore in his giving account of his numbers of wives.  On page 309 of Daphne Bramham’s book The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect, she documents:  “. . .In 1993, Blackmore had three wives.  Four years later, “Uncle Wink” (as Blackmore is called by his admirers) had seven wives.  By 2002, he had twenty-six wives—only seven of whom were Canadians—and close to ninety children born in Canada and entitled to both Canadian and U.S. citizenship.”

I have emailed this data to Federal Justice Lawyer Lynn Burch via our Federal Justice website.  I hope she is able to research this and come down even more forcefully on Mr. Blackmore.

I have also placed this data on my blog:


Nancy Mereska, President

Stop Polygamy in Canada Society


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