IF and WHEN the RCMP. . .

Jancis M. Andrews is the Director, BC Operations, for Stop Polygamy in Canada Society.  She received the following email today re the investigation into Bountiful:

Dear Jancis M. Andrews:

Your email of May 31, 2012, addressed to the Attorney General and the Office

of the Premier has been forwarded to me for a response.  As Acting Assistant

Deputy Attorney General, I am responsible for the Criminal Justice Branch

within the Ministry of Justice, including the conduct and supervision of

criminal prosecutions in British Columbia.



As was stated in the email sent to you on April 18, 2012, an RCMP

investigation of matters arising out of Bountiful is ongoing.  Special

Prosecutor Peter Wilson will conduct an independent charge assessment review

of any information brought forward from the investigation and determine if

the evidence warrants proceeding with charges of sexual exploitation,

polygamy or other offences.


I appreciate that this is a matter that has attracted considerable public

attention, given the serious nature of the allegations.  I am confident that

the investigation is moving forward as expeditiously as it reasonably can.



If and when the RCMP, in the independent exercise of its discretion,

forwards a Report to Crown Counsel, the Special Prosecutor will begin his



Thank you for taking the time to write to the Ministry of Justice



M. Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten, QC

A/Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Criminal Justice Branch

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