Fredrick Merrill Jessop given MAXIMUM sentence!

JESSOP GIVEN MAXIMUM SENTENCE: 10 years in prison, $10,000 fine 

I’m so thrilled, I’m doing the grandma polka and dancing around the floor!


  1. The article says the FLDS sanctions multiple spouses through “sealings”. This is what Justice Robert Bauman may consider to be illegal. However, if a family law court justice sanctions multiple spouses under the new BC Family Relations Act, that’s OK, because they are common law spouses who choose not to be divorced from their existing civil marriages and the consent to marital obligations was provided by the government rather than an FLDS religious person. That’s why during the polygamy reference hearings Justice Bauman kept saying ” you must be able to point to a definitive minute in time when the extra “marriage” occurred. He will rule that if the extra spouse(s) occurred over two years of cohabitation, without a “sealing”, then the province will recognize and sanction multiple marital rights and obligations even without the consent of the cohabit partners and civilly married husbands or wives.

    • Chandra,

      I wonder if His Lordship is reading all the “aforethought” conclusions you are drawing for him. Again, I do not/cannot get a copy of the bill to which you are referring! I do not recall Chief Justice Bauman repeating the phrase you cite over and over. Please forward the court transcripts in which he made such a repetitious statement. I have them all–cannot find this statement repeated over and over. I’ll not be printing any more comments from you. You are exaggerating and becoming exasperating! Now let’s wait and see what Nov. 23 brings, shall we?

  2. I’m glad he got the maximum penalty, but I can see from the article that Willie Jessop is angling to pin all this on bad leadership rather than something that is systematically endemic to fundamentalism and polygamy.

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