My response to Ed Kociela in the St. George News re impact of sentences of Brandon Blackmore and Emily Gail Crossfield Blackmore
Sentencing document of Brandon Blackmore and Emily Gail Crossfield Blackmore
Justice Pearlman has a very soft voice so it was difficult to hear him especially with the FLDS coming and going from the small court room. They do not know court decorum. In a regular court it is okay to come and go quietly. In a supreme court setting, once the doors are closed for court, interruptions of people coming and going are extremely rude; and, that door did not close quietly. Also, the judge is supposed to be acknowledged by a nod of the head when coming or going from the proceedings. This judgement is not long at all...
August 12th article in Vancouver Sun by Canadian Press
I’m posting them as I receive them. Although they essentially say the same thing. NM Judge sends message with sentences in child-bride case...
Ed Kociela of St. George UT does not think justice was served
Ed Kociela always writes with passion about polygamy and while he is printed the paper always writes a disclaimer–so who are the Mormons on the Board??
Former Fundamentalist Mormon fights to free his kids: Daphne Bramham
This came out while we were traveling this past week. Get a cup of coffee, folks, this will blow your mind away. The sad part is, Jeffs’ followers believe every word. NM
Vancouver Sun article on child trafficking sentencing
Daphne Bramham: Bountiful parents jailed for trafficking 13-year-old...
Brandon Blackmore, 12 months, Emily Gail Crossfield Blackmore, 7 months INCARCERATION + PROBATION
Brandon Blackmore & Emily Crossfield convicted on Sec. 273.3 Criminal Code of Canada I’m really looking forward to the sentencing of this pair! Under this section, they can get up to five years. NM...
Two op-eds in the Toronto Star July 29–SPC is the second
Making martyrs out of polygamists–Daphne Bramham
This is the first time I have ever seen Daphne Bramham play the true devil’s advocate in her reporting about polygamy. No journalist in Canada has accomplished more research on polygamy than Daphne. Why she would even use the term “martyr” is beyond me. All Mormons of every stripe lean toward martyrdom for their revered leaders! They literally LOVE the word. One correction here, Joseph Smith was abhorred by general society because of his practice of polygamy but he went to jail for being responsible for the burning of a printing press owned by William Law who started the “Expositor”...
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