I erred in saying the 12-year-old (whose audio tape of Jeffs raping her was heard in court today) was trafficked down to Texas from Bountiful by her parents.

But we do know that 2 girls (aged 12 & 13) were taken from Bountiful down to Jeffs for “celestial” marriage.

My sincere apologies for the error!

I heard about this tape months ago and my informant said you could hear every grunt and groan of Jeffs and screams from the girl.  Like I said before, I wish they had the needle for culprits like Jeffs.

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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  1. Oh my heavens Nancy. If I were close to these pedophiles you would be seeing me incarcerated! Yes. Is theranything we can do now? Write letters etc.?

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