Does Mitt Romney Walk on Water. . . By Nancy Mereska

          With the religious testimonials given at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, you might think that Mitt Romney walked on water.  I don’t think so!

Who among us has not jumped to the aid of those we have seen in need?  When my husband was going through radiation and had a truck to unload, our neighbors and their strong boys had it unloaded in minutes.  When I was very ill with cancer, friends from far and near came to visit and to bring food.  Likewise, we have done the same for neighbors and friends.  We were not assigned to do so, we just did.

My twenty-year sojourn in the same religion as Mitt Romney taught me that you look after those you are “assigned” through your visiting teaching (women) or home teaching (men) family assignments; plus, you take them a “spiritual” message each month and make sure they are following the guidelines of being obedient to their religion.

Real life:  A woman who was a friend of mine became very ill.  I took a bucket of chicken soup and a loaf of fresh-made bread to her home.  Her husband met me at the door and told me that my offering was not necessary– that I was not her visiting teacher.  She appeared ashen-faced behind him, took the soup and bread and thanked me.  He, then, closed the door in my face.

The story given at the RNC about Mitt looking after the single mother was heart wrenching.

Real life:  Many single women with children join this religion.  They are cajoled into believing that “the church takes care of its own” etc.  In our ward (congregation), there were more than a few widows and single mothers with children.  Some of them were labelled as “whiners” and “complainers” by the men who were assigned to help them when they needed help.  These “whiners” and “complainers” usually lived in apartments or rental properties.  One particular family had some mentally-challenged children with no vehicle and no money for cab fare when medical emergencies happened.  They were considered to have joined the church to take advantage of it.

However, one very shapely, attractive divorced woman who lived in her own home with her teen sons only had to crook her little finger and the men went running.  Spring clean-up—no problem.  Many men showed up and only two were her home-teachers.  Her house needed painting, the roof repaired, windows caulked, plumbing awry, automobile problems—always there was a church man or men running on a Saturday to help her.

Meanwhile, back at the ranches of the wives and children of these men who were lolly-gagging over this woman’s sex appeal, we were struggling with our own spring clean-ups, painting, repairs, etc.  It was my opinion that a woman with teen sons would have more than enough help for most of the work our husbands went running to do for her.

Family is supposed to come first in this religion; but, my personal experience was that family came behind tithing, fellowshipping non-members, church assignments and running to do for others while your own was left behind!  No, church men like Mitt Romney to not walk on water.  They are just made to look like they do.

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