DOCUTAH screens Prophet’s Prey

How I wish history-white-washing Mormons like Sam Brower and Utah journalists would really tell the truth about the mainstream Mormon church and polygamy.  Yes, it was disavowed by the church in 1890 so Utah could become a state, that’s it, no other reason.  BUT, the Mormon Church did not start excommunicating for polygamy until 1930–that’s forty more years of polygamy, folks!  Mormon polygamy spread out to the territories that were not yet under U.S. federal jurisdiction.  Sam Brower and I have had our words over this.  Polygamous ancestry binds the minds of those officials in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and California from doing more about this egregious practice on U.S. soil.  Joseph Smith married under-aged girls and seduced married women.  He and Sidney Rigdon had a falling out because Smith wanted Rigdon’s teen daughter!  When Sam Brower comes out with a book that is a tell-all about polygamy in the Mormon church from the beginning, then I’ll be interested in seeing the documentary on Warren Jeffs.  Jeffs deserves the sentence he received and more, but the dereliction of duty of today’s officials to really go after the practice of polygamy is shameful both in the States and Canada!!  (Mormons believe polygamy will be practiced in the hereafter–all women have to look forward to for their celestial glory is being in a harem of other spirit wives giving continuous birth to the spirits of the people who will inhabit the worlds over which their husbands will be God!!  Pregnant for eternity–what a lovely thought!)NM

Other more knowledgeable books to read:  God’s Brothel by Andrea Moore Emmett; and all five volumes of The Mormon Delusion by Jim Whitefield.  Both have excellent research behind their writing.

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