Day One of Closing Arguments

Craig Jones, Lead Attorney for the AGBC, read through 81 pages of his Closing Statement

AGBC Closing Submissions Mar 4 2011 Polygamy Reference (filed)

AGBC – Reply Closing Submissions filed March 25 2011

Some points he made in definition and rebuttal argument:

  • Polygamy falls under “stationary despotism” which means it is socially regressive rather than socially progressive.
  • 1978, Harold Blackmore, the founder of Bountiful polygamy, was on the Phil Donahue Show to defend polygamy.  What would have happened if Harold Blackmore had been confronted with Dr. Henrich’s questions re the proliferation of polygamy and its outcome in the future?
  • Silver Bullet of case–If Amicus succeeds in convincing the court that polygamy is solely “religious,” AGBC says that is not a sustainable argument.  Cited Senator John Calwell Abbott who was in Parliament at the time of legislating s. 293.  Sen. Abbott said the law has a broader reach than religion.  It is directed at all polygamists.
  • FOR TOMORROW:  Mr. Jones cited pages 215-217 of the Amicus Closing Statement (see Statements Supporting Amicus–right side bar under Closing Statements Supporting AGBC)  Pages 215-217 are actually pp. 74-78 of the second volume of the Amicus’ Closing.  The invalidity of these particular pages will be proven.
  • Mr. Jones is scheduled to continue his Closing tomorrow and part of Wednesday.

Note:  The most frustrating part of having to watch the live-streaming of the Closing is the delay time.  It is not ten minutes as we were first advised, but rather up to thirty minutes.  I hope something can be done to rectify this.

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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