Day 6 Closing Statements

Dear Readers,

Stop Polygamy in Canada’s closing arguments were presented by Attorney Kieran Bridge.

final submissions of SPC

Reply Submissions of Stop Polygamy in Canada – 25 March 2011

Thankfully the papers are not too long for you to take a moment and read them for yourselves.  Once again, the live streaming was a total mess.  Just seconds into Kieran’s presentation the sound went out, then the picture, then the sound and picture came on in staccato.  It looked like Mr. Bridge was jumping up and down in front of the judge. 

Then when Tim Dickenson, Attorney for the Amicus, got up, the judge asked him a few questions and the sound was blocked out. 

ENOUGH!  I know Canada has good quality technical equipment.  Personal health issues have kept me home away from the final arguments; and the stress of attempting to decipher what is going on is very, very aggravating.


Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada

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