Celine Leduc, MA Women & Religion, Poet

Celine Leduc from Montreal has a MA in Women & Religion.  She is also a poet, having just completed a book on various cultures and how religion affects women.  Her upcoming book of poetry is titled:  Little “White” Lies  She has given me permission to post one of her poems.  “Polygamy II” is one of a series of poems about polygamy.  It is very powerful poetry.  It took Celine 20 years of observing women in various cultures to complete her book.  Thank you, Celine.


A man wrote: “the Written Word is Law”.

Soon, oral tradition was forgotten

Women’s contribution was disregarded.

Women no longer had a say, were the way.

Women no longer mattered.

Men thought they were the law.

Men taught women they were gods.


Men remembered one time more women served him.

Men introduced marriage, bigamy and polygamy out of lust.

Men lusted after power, lust for the virgin, untouched by man.

Men, thankless lustful men, waged war against women.

Men established his kingdom and chained women.

Men silenced women.  Men want to be god to women.

Men decided they are the gateway to heaven.

Men were in heaven, women in hell.


Earth mirrors heaven and hell.

Irresponsible men went to war with other men and women.

Men divide to conquer.  Beat to defeat.  Kill to master.

Women must overcome.   Women must remember.

You bring life; you give birth to boys and girls.

Men’s interpretation of the book is NOT law.

Your time has come, walkout of hell,  and see heaven.


Celine Leduc, Copyright 2013


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