Understanding religious cults can be complicated by Ron Burks, Ph.D., TMH blogger
The following is the most succinct, precise definition of a cult and the repercussions of leaving cult life, I have ever read.  I am a member of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) and applaud the work they do around the world.  Most of my blogging information comes from Info-Secte, an independently-run organization in Canada that keeps track of all cult activity around the world.  They are always in need of financial support, so if you are so inclined, please look them up and give a donation.  Also, three treatment groups/centres are listed here:  Well Spring Treatment Centre,  ICSA, and Tallahassee Memorial...
Racial Diversity in Religious Groups
Is Fawn Brodie’s Book about Joseph Smith being proven true?
Fawn Brodie’s book No Man Knows My History: The Story of Joseph Smith was censored by the LDS as a book of lies about the founder of Mormonism.  Emma Smith was so incensed over her husband’s philandering, she took her children and moved across the street in Nauvoo, Il.  That’s when Smith wrote sec. 136 of the Doctrine and Covenants. The statement in this article that really wants to make me roll over and laugh, laugh, laugh is that these plural marriages were not for sex.  What color of wool is going to be pulled over the eyes of the...
The Mosaic of Mormonism
The question of to leave or not to leave is discussed by many LDS members in the following article.  Of course, this is in Utah.  There are many groups of active to inactive Mormons and different types of members just as there are in any other large organized religion.  This article is a good study for sociologists and psychologists.  Doctors of LDS patients suffering with depression would do well to read this article because it may help them with assisting their patients to better health.  The root cause of depression must be explored before proper treatment and support can be...
Vancouver Sun Research and Redacted List of underaged girls trafficked for sex by FLDS
Daphne Bramham and the Vancouver Sun has been second to none in their research on the origins of Bountiful.  And the redacted list of underaged girls trafficked for sex by the FLDS was sent to me by a social worker working on the case in Texas when they put Jeffs and eleven other men in prison.  I sent the list immediately to the RCMP and later to Peter J. Wilson when he was appointed.  You will see that Brandon Blackmore and Emily Crossfield took their 12-year-old to be married to Jeffs in 2004!! Charges have been laid but we haven’t...
Inside the diaries of polygamous wives: Life as an early Mormon woman
You’ll have to get a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or Postum to digest this article.  Excellent research; and, of course, I want to buy the book.    Although, this material is from diaries of long ago, the diaries of today’s polygamous wives read the same as illustrated in Keep Sweet: Children of  Polygamy, Escape, Triumph, Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife, Stolen Innocence, Cult Insanity   and so on.  When, oh when, will the powers-that-be in B.C. lay charges and prosecute the known polygamous leaders there?  How many more decades of suffering have to be endured by women and...
Creston, BC, student knows her research on feminism
I received a faxed copy of this article today.  When I went to the Creston Valley Advance to find the article, strangely it was deleted from the paper’s archives.  BUT it is out there all over the internet!  HOORAY!  HURRAH!!  It looks like the young people will be able to say more emphatically what us oldsters seem to be just harping about!!
Canadian Council of Muslim Women position paper on polygamy
I am very happy and proud to publish this position paper on our blog. Given the freshness of the Quebec Charter of Values banning the wearing of religious symbolism in public sector positions, we have been discussing how we feel about Quebec’s move. Our opinions are as varied as any debate out in the general public. As far as I know, there is no law in the Quaran saying a woman must cover her head. These laws are made by various Muslim sects or by different Muslim clerics. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am happy to...
The Silence of Shunning: A Conversation with Kipling William by Janice Harper
[I am posting this because I was shunned miserably when I first left the Mormon church. People I had known for years, had babysat for, had taken loaves of homemade bread and buckets of chicken soup to their homes when there was sickness would fold their arms and walk to the other side of the mall if they saw me coming toward them. One woman was running the daffodil counter for the April cancer drive. She was the only one there but when she saw me, she turned her back and walked to the other side of the display. Members...
A generation of children has grown up since first complaints about Bountiful by Ian Mulgrew
Ian’s article is an excellent summary of twenty years of events re Bountiful, but a generation in the Jeffs’ faction is only 14 years; and a generation now in the Blackmore faction is supposedly 16 years, so TWO generations of children have come forth in twenty years! Our greatest frustration in attempting to take this horrid social issue that persists in Canada to a higher court like the Hague is in MUlgrew’s second to last sentence–“it’s under investigation and before the courts.” As long as there is an “ongoing investigation” international authorities won’t touch it! NM
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