Carol Christie — update to her story

(Note:  It is courageous women like Carol Christie who are going to be the greatest influence in stopping the practice of polygamy in Canada.  Also, the women and men who came forward with their video testimonies for the Canada polygamy reference trial.  All the video evidence can be seen at ) NM

Hi Nancy:

Just thought you’d be interested to know that I received a call yesterday afternoon, and spoke at length with Ms. Navneet Gill of Bruce-Grey (Counties) Childrens’ Aid, regarding abuse at the church compound involving not only those under 16 still there, but also those who were past victims and have grown now to adulthood.  Her interest was in those adherents remaining, AND those who have left.

I wish I had recorded this, but Ms. Gill stated to me that here agency had responded inadequately to concerns raised by my lawyer and myself in May, 2010, while my lawsuit was still in process.  She told me that they had every intention of investigating now, however, and would work hand in hand with the police.

All of which has me saying…..YAAAAYYYYY!!!!

Media coverage continues.  The local newspaper should be running a story within days, and I understand the Toronto Star may also be in touch.  Generally, feedback from this area has been hugely positive.  Every time I venture out, there is someone stopping me and offering congratulations and best wishes.  Most of these are women, but there have been several men too.


Carol Christie

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