Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children calls for Action for Children

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) was also an “Interested Person” in the polygamy reference trial and an ally of Stop Polygamy in Canada Society.  Following are recent actions taken by CCRC.  Step 4 in 10 Steps for Children in Canada titled “Take Immediate Action on Specidic Policy Changes includes four items that relate directly to children in polygamy.  The only item we would add is to ensure children are not forced into unpaid labour.  Thank you, Kathy Vandergrift, Chair of the Coalition, and your members for your continued diligence advocating on behalf of the children of Canada.  (Note:  click on each item.  A blank page appears.  Click on the item again and the item appears–something to do with the way I had to save the files in order to publish them.)

10 Steps for Children in Canada

Letter to PM on next step for children’s rights

News Release for National Child Day



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