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Canadian Ruling

Dear Network:

I am still studying Marci Hamilton’s book God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the rule of law Marci’s main premise in her book is that legislators must exercise their powers to enact laws that are for the public good.  As I read her arguments, I am thinking, of course, where does polygamy fit in the slot of the public good.  My answer is, it doesn’t.  Polygamy:

  • Drains public coffers for education funds where the children are given minimal education with racist overtones when they are taught colours of skin other than white are curses from God
  • Drains public coffers in welfare and social areas when men are not able to support their many wives and children
  • Pushes out legitimate businesses when low-bid contracts are awarded to FLDS companies end up with the  work done by slave labour within the polygamist group
  • Has the power to hide all types of child abuse under the auspices of Child Protection Protocols wherein elders of the community have first crack at any complaint before “outside” authorities are notified.
  • Does not respect the laws of the land in that “feigned marriages” are performed by the elders of the group who have been given the licensed right to perform legal, not illegal marriages within the group



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