BC appoints Special Prosecutor to investigate Bountiful

Dear All:

I have highlighted a line in this report that has been misconstrued by the press over and over again since Chief Justice Bauman’s decision was handed down.  I am quoting paragraph 15 of the decision:

“I would answer the essential question before me:  while s. 293 offends the freedom of religion of identifiable groups guaranteed by s. 2(a) of the Charter and the s. 7 liberty interests of children between 12 and 17 married into polygamy, the provision, save in its application to the latter group, is demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.  My reasons for that conclusion and the specific answers to the questions on the reference follow.”  (My emphasis on the word “offends”.)

Nowhere in any dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedic dictionary can I find the word “offend” being equated with the word “violate”.  If anyone out there can find otherwise, please advise.  This is my plea to the press to stop misrepresenting the words of Chief Justice Bauman.  I find this misrepresentation very offensive.

While, Stop Polygamy in Canada Society is not entirely pleased that polygamy is not in newly appointed Special Prosecutor Peter Wilson’s mandate, we are very pleased that he is moving forward on the allegations of teen brides being trafficked across the border (both ways) for forced marriage in the polygamous commune of Bountiful.  This means that both parents of these girls, fathers and mothers could be charged and prosecuted.  There are those who may disagree with me saying that the women are only brainwashed and following the dictates of the male leaders; but, with the number of times Bountiful has been investigated over the years, the number of DNA samples procured, the times when charges of polygamy have been dismissed, these women know they are living outside the law.  They know they are helping to condemn their daughters to the same sexual crimes they themselves endured in their own forced marriages to keep the baby factories running at full tilt.  But most of all, it means that the men who married these girls could be charged and prosecuted.

Onward, Mr. Wilson.  We cannot wait for the charges to start being laid and prosecuted!

Nancy Mereska, President
Stop Polygamy in Canada Society

Subject: New prosecutor for Bountiful, B.C., but mandate doesn’t include polygamy

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