Babies are being abducted and trafficked

(I just sent this message to the Canadian RCMP investigating Bountiful)

I have just received word that the FLDS are taking children as young as a year old without their mothers knowing where they are going!  I’m told some mothers are going with their babies, but not all.  They could be trafficking babies out of Bountiful. 

I’ve asked my contact if he’ll speak to the Canadian RCMP.  I’m waiting for a reply from him. 

All border patrols should be alerted! 

I’ve spent hours and hours on this issue in the last few days.   How frustrating to know about this and watch and see nothing done!

Update:  I now have word that others are contacting the RCMP about the “poofing” babies.  A “poofer” in FLDS terms is a person who simply disappears.  Women and children moved silently in the middle of the night to be reassigned to another man. 

Now, it appears its just babies!

A new structure has been built at the YFZ ranch in Texas that is “bigger than Madison Square Gardens”.  It could hold hundreds of people.


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