Anne Frank, the teenage icon of Holocaust history, has been posthumously baptized again by Mormons


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


SALT LAKE CITY – Annelies MarieAnneFrank, (June 12, 1929 – March 1945), one of the most renowned Jewish  victims of the Holocaust, was posthumously baptized in a Mormon temple, on Saturday, February 18, 2012, under her full name, “Annelies Marie Frank.” Mormons have submitted versions of Anne Frank’s name at least a dozen times for proxy rites. She has been posthumously baptized in Mormon temples, at least nine times from 1989-1999, and now again in 2012.

Anne Frank’s latest baptism was performed in the Santo Domingo Dominican Republic (LDS) Temple. Frank was  confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by proxy, in the same Mormon temple, also on February, 18, 2012. She would have been confirmed a Mormon by proxy, after each of her prior baptisms.

The discovery of the latest proxy baptism for Anne Frank comes on the heels of the recent posthumous baptisms of Simon Wiesenthal’s parents, and the inclusion of the names of the famous living Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, and several deceased members of his family, in New FamilySearch, the religious database used for proxy ordinance submissions.

Rosa (Rapp) Wiesenthal, the mother of well-known Holocaust survivor and Nazi-hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, was a Jewish Holocaust victim. Rosa (Rapp) Wiesenthal was baptized by proxy in the Bountiful Utah (LDS) Temple, on January 21, 2012. Shlomo Wiesel, the father of Elie Wiesel, was a Jewish Holocaust victim whose name was submitted for proxy baptism.

Anne Frank was an unmarried teenager when she died. She left no descendants. Mormons are supposed to submit only the names of their ancestors. It is against Mormon church rules to submit the names of Jewish Holocaust victims, unless the submitter has direct family ties to the deceased. The security of the names submissions process for posthumous rites must be questioned, in view of the rash of prominent Jewish Holocaust names that have recently appeared on Mormon temple rolls.

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