An explosive question–What if Bountiful were a community of Muslim polygamists?

What if Bountiful were a community of Muslim polygamists trafficking under-aged girls into Canada to be forced into “marriage” to older men as their concubines?  Would the “caucasian” people who make up the powers-that-be still be sitting on their hands calling one “special prosecutor” after another to “investigate” Bountiful?  OR, would the “good” citizens of Canada be picketing their government authorities to prosecute the pedophiles, ephebophiles and demanding that this be done or they be sent back where they came from?  What would people do about the “lost boys” kicked out so the Muslim polygamy math could work?  Lost boys who are known to go after booze, drugs and sex once they are free.  AND, what would happen if it were a known fact, evidence in court testimonies about the slave labour camps.

Instead, our social attitude is watered down because we have a community of Caucasians with “healthy” looking young women and children posing for the cameras.

Please let me know what you think because I KNOW what would happen if Bountiful were a nest of Muslim polygamists–ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE!!

Nancy Mereska, President, Stop Polygamy in Canada Society

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