A Coalition of Women’s Voices Forms in the States to Counter the Movement for Decriminalizing Polygamy

Kristyn Decker, Chair and Founder of Sound Choices Coalition, is the author of Fifty Years in Polygamy   I am posting this notice for her because I have been part of the conversation of the formation of this coalition; and, there are many followers of SPCS in the United States.  NM


The Principal Voices Coalition (pro-polygamy,) has been priming our legislators, judges, State representatives, attorneys, agencies etc., for years, as to why polygamy is good and should be accepted. Sound Choices Coalition (Human Rights Activists,) are asking you to take a few minutes to express your feelings (in one page or less,) about patriarchal/generational plural marriage. Specifically let others know, if you felt any obligations to live polygamy for fear of damnation and/or family/social pressures. Explain the most difficult aspects of living plural marriage and/or watching others’ heart-aches trying to live it.

Use a font and size close to this (Times New Roman 12) size. When you have completed your letter, email it to: soundchoicescoalition@gmail.com.  Time is of the essence! Please send your letter right away if possible. Our previous goal was this past Sunday.

If you choose to stay anonymous, rather than write your name at the end of your letter, please clearly state the reason(s).

We will compile all the responses, make a few packets, and hand-deliver them to our representatives the following week.

Please send this request to everyone else that you feel is trying to help educate and free those who don’t understand they are in bondage.

*If you are willing to share your stories via. Camera and/or voice only, please note that when you email your letter.

Thank you very much!

Kristyn Decker

SCC Chair

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