50% of dead are children in FLDS cemetaries
  1. People, if this was worthy of any lawful attention, if would have been done a long time ago. The posting is only emotional. There is nothing to see here.

  2. “Gravatar” aka “anon”–here you are again ranting and raving all over this blog. Usually I delete your comments. Where do you find the time to “debate” that which has been already debated in a court of law where the findings are the opposite of what you rant about, re: Dr. Bala’s research work?

    The posting on the cemetaries is a correct record of the dead buried in them–there is nothing “emotional” here. It only shows that too many deaths are not properly investigated. How do so many children die so young? Questions need to be answered. Perhaps a posting like this will waken authorities who for too long have been asleep.

    I’m allowing your comments this time to show the world the kind of person you are. I believe I know who you are, but being the coward you are, you will not sign your real name.

    • …,I am sure that in a modern country like America, there are still such things as Post Mortems. If there was somethinig suspicious, I am more than sure that any medical examiner would know if there was something wrong.

      However, I wish to remain anonymous at this present moment of time, because I wish to keep all debate both public and transparent.

  3. In the normal world, yes, but not in the world of the FLDS!

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