1,000 polygamous families claiming benefits–Great Britain
  1. From my personal observations, there are so many polygamous families just in Canada’s national capital area claiming benefits, it’s hard to imagine there aren’t many more than just 1,000 families in Britain doing this. It’s a way of life for many people, with multiple extensive benefits, far more beneficial than most citizens would imagine.
    Some years ago, there was a scandal about people from certain new Canadian groups claiming benefits from both Ontario and Quebec at the same time, and a crackdown ensued.
    But since then, polygamous families can collect benefits, one father with multiple wives and many children, as long as they pretend most of the mothers are single mothers, or live in separate locations.
    The benefits are extensive: welfare, child benefits for low-income families from federal and provincial governments, subsidized housing, subsidized extended health-care, allowances for household goods/clothing, education/training, transportation, even daycare…
    There is something terribly wrong and unfair about this abuse of our social welfare system.

    • Re my comments above: my main concern about polygamy, as I have written to you before, is of course the threat it gives to our hard-won human rights and way of life, and the terrible abuses suffered by women and children, as well as some men, under this appalling practice.

  2. I, too, questioned the 1,000 number, but we must rely on printed facts for our research. Given the riots of 2011 in London that involved fatherless groups of rouge young people steeped in the culture of poverty in Great Britain, I am betting there are far more than 1,000 draining the welfare system due to polygamy. Thank you for your indepth thoughts re the problem of polygamy.

  3. I am not so sure what social benefit claiming has got to do with polygamy? After all, everyone else claims social benefits when they need to. We know that all taxpayers are allowed to claim benefits, so what is the problem here? Or are we saying polygamous families cannot do so because they are polygamous?

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